Tračne brusilice

The Satining machine are Belt grinding machines that work with abrasive belts. Designed to perform operations of satin finishing, polishing, grinding and finishing of any metal material.
The satin finish is required especially on stainless steel. Is required for finishing railings, gates, handrails, lighting, nautical, for design furniture from the residential sector to the commercial and industrial sectors.
The result of this process is a semi-gloss finish very elegant, obtained with thin lines unidirectional and parallel to the direction of processing.

The quality of the satin finish is determined by the grit of the abrasive belts and the number of steps.
In the market there are many different types of abrasive belts for any degree of finish is desired.
In some cases, the satin finish is also called brushing because performed using abrasive brushes.

Tračne brusilice za<br/> ravne površine
Tračne brusilice za
ravne površine
These machines are suitable for satin finishing and deburring flat surfaces such as plates, sheets, tubes, sheet metal boxes, fairings etc. They are divided into two types: - with conveyor belt for automatic feeding of particulars, suitable for plates, sheets and tubular steel. - with pad for manual suitable for sheet metal boxes and fairings.
Tračne brusilice za<br/> ravne cevi
Tračne brusilice za
ravne cevi
These machines are suitable for satining straight tubes and bars. The working principle is with "centerless". Tube processing is performed between two rubber wheels with opposite rotation. The wheel on the mechanical variator allows the rotation and at the same time the advancement of the tube while the other on which is mounted the abrasive belt performs the satin finishing.
Tračne brusilice za<br/> krive i ravne cevi
Tračne brusilice za
krive i ravne cevi
These machines are suitable for satining curved pipes and straight bars round section, elliptical, oval, conical and irregular. Tube processing is performed by two abrasive belts that are mounted on a flywheel rotate around the tube. The tube when inserted into the machine does not rotate but are abrasive belts to revolve around it. This system allows satining curved elements.