Аспирационные установки

The Dust extractors are designed to extract the metals dust during the grinding, sanding, polishing and deburring operations.
The Dust extractors are used in metal working industries that perform metal processing by sanding machines, grinding and polishing and have the need to extract the dust for the hygiene and the operators safety, for the cleaning of the machinery and work environments.
Аспирационные установки<br/> с мешком
Аспирационные установки
с мешком
Bag dust extractors with centrifugal system. The aspiration takes place conveying dusts in the bag filter fire retardant that collects and retain dust.
Аспирационные установки<br/> с циклоном
Аспирационные установки
с циклоном
Dust extractors with cyclone system constructed entirely of steel. The aspiration takes place by the centrifugal force generated by the cyclone that conveys the dust in the steel drawer below that collects and retain dust.
Aспирационные установки<br/> водяные
Aспирационные установки
Dust extractors with water for dust incandescent extinguishing. The aspiration takes place conveying dusts in a steel container below that collects and holds. Inside the container there is water and the refrigerant oil, in this way interrupts the combustion process.