Belt grinding machine

General technical info

Power supply
400 | 50 | 3
Motor power
4,5 - 3,7 ( 6,0 - 5,0 )
kW ( hp )
Motor speed
2800 - 1400
Acoustic emission
Overall dimension (Width x Depth x Height)
1420 x 700 x H. 1150
Weight standard machine

Belt grinder unit - wheel processing

Abrasive belt dimension (wide x length)
200 x 2500
Peripheral speed
36 - 18
Dimension of working plane (behind abrasive belt)
230 x 720
Driving wheel dimension
ø 250
Orientable belt grinding arm
- 30 ÷ + 30

Standard Equipments

Machine respect CE stamp of compliance
- Machine with CE conformity mark made respecting the requirements of the most recent
   directives concerning it.
- Machine complete with instruction manual complete with CE conformity certificate, test sheet and
   exploded view with relative spare parts list.
- Machine equipped with a set of service keys suitable for the adjustment and maintenance of the machine.
Guarantee of European standards
The stringent tests guarantee that all the requisites and standards necessary to obtain the guarantee in accordance with European standards are respected. Since the project we dedicate a lot of care and attention to making the machine with high quality level to deliver machines that last over time.
Strong base with anti-vibration rubbers at the base and a useful shelf for tools inside.
Electrical panel
Low voltage electric controls with padlock device integrated in the main electric switch.
Electronic brake card
Emergency stop with electronic motor braking with safety anti-reset function.
Motor 2 speeds
Belt grinder head
The belt grinder head is adjustable from -30 ° to + 30 ° and intermediate positions.
Support plane
Orientable support surface for working in support near the front contact wheel.
Front contact wheel
Front contact wheel rubberized grooved and balanced
Rubberized drive wheel
Rubberized and balanced drive wheel for better drag of the abrasive belt.
Work surface
Behind the abrasive tape has a durable floor in abutment replaceable steel over time.
Abrasive belt
Abrasive belt mounted on the machine ready for use.
Dust collection
Dust collection drawer placed under the contact wheel.
Belt grinder cover
Carter sander with predisposition connection system.
Anti-spark repair
Transparent protection arrester with friction joint.
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We reserve the right to modify and/or improve our machines without prior notice.
Some photographs and illustrations are purely demonstrative and may differ from the real ones.