Polishing machine for flat surfaces by dry system | 1 Belt grinding unit


General technical info

Power supply
400 | 50 | 3
Motor power
5 ( 6,5 )
kW ( hp )
Motor speed
1400 - 2800
Overall dimension (Width x Depth x Height)
1250 x 870 x H. 1850
Weight standard machine
Quantity of abrasive belt
Abrasive belt dimension (wide x length)
220 x 1750
Peripheral speed
6 - 12
Dimensions of grooved rubberized driving wheel (wide x diameter)
Ø80 x 220 | 60
Belt conveyor dimension
220 x 2350
Feeding speed of workpiece
min. 1 ÷ max. 10
Workpiece thickness allowed
min. 1 ÷ max. 125
Workpiece length allowed
min. 120 ÷ max. 6000
Workpiece width allowed
max. 220

Standard Equipments

Tensioning of the abrasive belt
Low tension electrical panel
Double speeds motor
Electric motor with electronic brake
Adjustable feed speed
The conveyor belt is moved by a gearmotor with a mechanical variator to adjust the advancement speed of the parts from 1 to 10 m/min.
Thick reader
The position indicator with centesimal sensitivity (0.01 mm) is necessary for a precise adjustment of the grinding pass as well as useful for adjusting the height of the machine based on the thickness of the part to be processed. When the thickness changes, it is necessary to act on the handwheel that performs the movement of the grinding unit with respect to the conveyor belt.
Suction hood with 1 suction mouth
Anti-vibration feet of leveling
The strong base is fitted with anti-vibration damping support feet which allow leveling of the machine perfectly and to minimize vibrations during machining.
Rubberized and grooved contact wheel
The rubberized contact wheel is grooved (hardness 60 Shore) for better traction of the abrasive belt and greater removal of the workpiece material. Before being mounted in the machine it is grinded on grinding machine for a homogeneous rotation and better processing at any cutting speed.
Abrasive belt
Machine respect CE stamp of compliance
- Machine with CE conformity mark made respecting the requirements of the most recent
   directives concerning it.
- Machine complete with instruction manual complete with CE conformity certificate, test sheet and
   exploded view with relative spare parts list.
- Machine equipped with a set of service keys suitable for the adjustment and maintenance of the machine.
Guarantee of European standards
The stringent tests guarantee that all the requisites and standards necessary to obtain the guarantee in accordance with European standards are respected. Since the project we dedicate a lot of care and attention to making the machine with high quality level to deliver machines that last over time.

Optional Equipments

cod. INV.97:  Inverter of speed adjustment of belt grinding unit
Extra charge for the addition of the inverter for the electronic adjustment of the abrasive belt speed from 150 to 3000 rpm and of the electric panel equipped with potentiometer, digital display and electric panel cooling filters. The inverter allows the operator to adjust the grinding speed most suited of the type of material and of the finishing level to be obtained.
cod. RUL.97:  Roller table: module of 1,5 m
Roller table of workpieces support at entrance and/or exit adjustable with four self-leveling feet. It is equipped with rubber coated rollers to avoid damaging the machined parts. It is complete with drainer to contain the coolant and return it to the tank in addition to keeping the working environment clean.
cod. CODIV:  Contact wheels with different rubberizing
It is possible to mount different contact wheels into the machine according to the types of machining to be performed. We can supply smooth rubber wheels, grooved with different types of grooves, different hardness of rubber coating (Shore) as well as coatings in different materials (black vulcanized rubber, vulkollan etc.).


cod. 148/D-40:  Abrasive belt
Specific abrasive belt for wet working.Various grains: P36÷P400
cod. 148/D-60:  Abrasive belt
Specific abrasive belt for wet working.Various grains: P36÷P400
cod. 148/D-80:  Abrasive belt
Specific abrasive belt for wet working.Various grains: P36÷P400
cod. 149/C:  'Scotch-brite' belt
Specific 'Scotch-brite' belt for wet working. Various grains.
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