Long belt polishing machine by pad for flat surfaces

The ART.143 pad polishing machine allows to carry out finishing and satin finishing operations on flat surfaces such as plates and sheets, bars and tubulars with square or rectangular section, and above all of large dimensions such as carters, boxes, fairings. In addition to sanding, satin finishing and finishing in general, it is possible to carry out grinding and deburring operations on shear cut parts or with thermal cutting such as oxy-fuel and laser cutting. It is also possible to carry out deburring to remove weld seams on molded boxes and fairings. Belts of any type of abrasive grain (corundum, zirconium, ceramic, diamond, agglomerate, cork, Trizact, Scotch-Brite etc. etc.) can be mounted to obtain different finishing qualities. The processing of the details takes place by means of an abrasive belt and a pad that is moved manually by the operator. The parts to be machined are positioned on the support table which is covered with fireproof material and is electrically motorized to adjust the height according to the thickness of the parts. The machine can be equipped with various options in addition to all the various ones


General technical info

Power supply
400 | 50 | 3
Motor power
1,8 - 1,3 ( 2,5 - 1,7 )
kW ( hp )
Motor speed
2800 - 1400
Overall dimension (Width x Depth x Height)
2000 x 1200 x H. 1700
Weight standard machine
Quantity of abrasive belt
Abrasive belt dimension (wide x length)
120 x 4000
Peripheral speed
Workpiece thickness allowed
min. 1 ÷ max. 510
Workpiece length allowed
max. 1500
Workpiece width allowed
max. 550
Workpiece weight allowed
max. 50

Standard Equipments

Electric motor with electronic brake
Abrasive belt
Anti-vibration feet of leveling
The strong base is fitted with anti-vibration damping support feet which allow leveling of the machine perfectly and to minimize vibrations during machining.
Machine respect CE stamp of compliance
- Machine with CE conformity mark made respecting the requirements of the most recent
   directives concerning it.
- Machine complete with instruction manual complete with CE conformity certificate, test sheet and
   exploded view with relative spare parts list.
- Machine equipped with a set of service keys suitable for the adjustment and maintenance of the machine.
Guarantee of European standards
The stringent tests guarantee that all the requisites and standards necessary to obtain the guarantee in accordance with European standards are respected. Since the project we dedicate a lot of care and attention to making the machine with high quality level to deliver machines that last over time.


cod. 148/H:  
cod. 149/F:  
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